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First solo

First solo

After a lifetime of interest in aviation, I started flying in 2011 after moving to Bakersfield. Southern California's great flying weather, many fantastic destinations from the coast, central valley, high desert, and mountains, and the close-knit aviation community have made it a great hobby for the last few years.

The majority of my training has been at Meadows Field (BFL), with some at Mojave Air and Space Port (MHV), Tehachapi Municipal (TSP), and Shafter Municipal (EHF).

Most of my times is in Cessna 172s with time in a Super Decathlon, RV-6A, and Extra 300L.

Newly minted private pilot

Newly minted private pilot

My favorite flying experiences are checking out airport diners with friends, practicing aerobatics, and attending airshows. One highlight was a visit to Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert and the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.

My main interests are in race/performance modifications, aircraft engines, aerobatics, and experimental aircraft. Reno race fan. AOPA and EAA member. Military aviation buff. Tailwheel certified. Upset prevention & recovery and spin trained.

I am currently working towards a commercial / instructor certificate, and eventually plan to instruct on the side.

In March of 2017 I co-purchased my first aircraft: Beechcraft A23-24 Super Musketeer N5777V, which is detailed on its own page.

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